Cincinnati Baptist Ministers Conference

About Us!


Our Background

Since 1932 the Baptist Ministers Conference of Cincinnati and Vicinity has been the eyes, ears, mouths, hands and feet of the African American community, We have stood against injustices, and have been the go between for many civil matters. During the race riots the BMC stood to create avenues of peace and have given many dollars to help people in various ways. We have created learning centers to help disenfranchised youth who had been put out of school to continue their educatioion.  Currently The Cincinnati Baptist Ministers Conference is working diligently to empower our future by helping to make our young people productive members of society.


What We Do

We are a team of pastors and preachers who meet weakly to pray, discuss weakly Sunday School lessons, hear a sermon and talk about how we can participate in issues and concerns in the city of Cincinnati. Our goal is to help create a better Cincinnati for all concerned.


Calendar of events

Currently the Baptist Ministers Conference is hosting a revival fundraiser in order to promote and support our Second Chance Program. A program designed to get young men and women off the streets and help make them productive members of society.

The revival will begin on Sunday April 28th , 7pm at Zion Baptist Church located at 630 Glenwood Ave., and will continue April 29th-May 2nd at New Jerusalem Baptist Church located at 26 W. North Bend Rd.

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